About us
Thammasat University Relations Office www.relations.tu.ac.th
            Thammasat University Relations Office is one of Thammasat University’s departments. Thammasat University Relations Office, formally known as Thammasat Alumni Office, was established in July 2001 to promote relationship between the Thammasat University and Thammasat alumni and community .
  •  • Network of communication and corporation among alumnus
  •  • Fund raising for supporting Thammasat University and Office’s operation by arranging varied activities and services that benefit alumni and Thammasat University
  •  • An improvement in working for sustainable Thammasat University

Vision: Network of alumni’s communication and cooperation

Mission :
  •  • To cultivate the relationship between Thammasat University and its alumni
  •  • To facilitate communication with alumni and to strengthen the network for alumni
  •  • To support alumni and the university in achieving goals
  •  • To organize activities, programs, and services that benefit alumni, the university, and the Thai society

  •  • To maintain and promote relationship between the alumni and Thammasat community
  •  • To organize activities that are beneficial for alumni, the university, and the society
  •  • To keep alumni informed of news, activities, and events about the office and Thammasat University
  •  • To provide support for activities and events of Thammasat University

Strategic Plan:
  •  • Create and straighten alumni network
  •  • Raise funds for the activities of alumni and collaborative projects with the university
  •  • Use information technology for administration and management
  •  • Perform task with good governance